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Foundry Capacity
  There are two arc furnaces of 10T, one cupola of 2T, a group of intermediate-frequency furnace of 2T, a group of industrial-frequency furnace of 1.5T, a group of intermediate-frequency furnace of 0.3T and four natural-gas crucible furnace of 0.25t in the works; There are also a resin sand production of 12T and 25T imported from Germany, a domestic resin sand production line and one special production line of cylinder covers, a precision-casting production line of silicate-silicone shell and silicate-silicone sodium-silicate compound shell. The works also have six centrifugal casting machines and three low-pressure casting machines. The annual casting production capacity can reach 15000T.
The main products are as follows:
  Large nodular iron integral casting diesel engine block (the weight is more than 10T), large steel-casting gear for shipping application (the weight is 15T), cylinder head and liners of diesel engine (made of vermicular graphite cast iron or nodular graphite cast iron or alloy iron), low-pressure casting aluminum fans, aluminum pistons, larger-middle casting and cylindrical castings and different series of precision-casting pump wheel and impellers made of stainless steels for shipping use and so on. Moreover, some castings have been certificated by CCS.
Diesel Engine
Test Center
Electric-arc furnace of 10T
Resin sand production line imported from Germany
Domestic resin sand production line

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