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Manufacture Capacity of
Hydranlic Transmission Casing
  There are 10 sets of large-duty boring machine with ¢120mm spindle, which are imported from Germany, Italy, Russia etc. There are also nearly 20 sets of double-housing milling machine with 2010mm and more than 2010mm machining height, 4 and 6 meter double-housing planning machine and drilling machine with 50-100mm drilling diameter made in China. Hydraulic transmission box and various gear boxes for the large, medium and small power locomotives can be produced in quanity with the above-mentioned machines.
  There are decades of test stand designed and built by the work for the hydraulic transmission box, gear box, coupling, pumps and valoes, among which stepless constant power speed regulating technology with AC-DC mechanical series excitation is used for hydraulic transmission box test stand which towing power can be up to 2000kW. Hydraulic sealing and dynamic loading test is adopted for gear box. The closed dynamic loading torque can reach 4000N.m. Using such test stand dynamic loading tests have been done for many times for the scientific and research units in China.
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