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Heat-treatment Capacity
  The works is equipped with multi-function heat treatment equipment such as general heat-treatment furnace imported from America, controllable atmosphere carburiation furnace imported from Japan, quenching press machine imported from Germany and more than 30 sets of other home-made heat-treatment equipment as well as works-designed and works-made water_soluble quenching medium basin, HF/MF quenching machines and ion nitriding furnace etc. With these advanced equipment, the works also has comprehensive heat-treatment technology and process e.g. tempering, quenching and tempering, carburizing, ion nitridiing, HF/MF induction hardening, brine spray quenching, surface intensifying shot blasting etc. Especially, the intensifying shot blasting technology, authorized by General Electric Company of America and already reached technical level of American Military Industry, has been applied to tractive gears for type SS7, SS8 electric locomotives and type DF8B diesel locomotive as well as other main products like Ao-1-Ao high speed locomotive bogie etc., thus tensile stress in surface can be changed into residual compressive stress so that fatigue strength of the product can be greatly enhanced and lifetime will be extended by 30~50% more than before.
  Quenched-and-tempered by UCON water-soluble quenching medium made by Union Carbonization Company of America, comprehensive mechanical properties of such products as tractive gears for type DF4 diesel locomotive, connecting rod for type 16V240 and 16V280 diesel engine have all been improved 30~50% more than those being oil-quenched.
  Model G-KWH-5000/760 medium-frequency (MF) quenching machine was imported from Germany. With MF power 8000Hz and capacity 500KVA. Max. output power of this machine is 400kW, its swing diameter is 900mm, while max. length of work piece is 5500mm. Hardened depth is 2~5mm. Data gathering and storing are realized through computer control throughout the whole quenching process.
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American made Universal Heat-treatment Furnace
Germany made Medium Frequency Quenching Machine
Germany made Quenching Machine

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