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Engine Block Manufacture Capacity
  In recent years, the Factory of Ziyang Locomotive Works has introduced some advanced CNC machining centers from foreign countries to increase its machining capacity, among which two units of Model FP175NC machining centers imported from Germany are three-coordinate, four-spindle machining centers, capable of pentahedron machining, with working stroke 4000mm in X-axis, 2200mm in Y-axis and ±2200mm in Z-axis. Loading capacity of their single working table is 75t, 150t for double working table.
  Model HMC800 machining center imported from Sweden is also a five-coordinate, three-axis, pentahedron-machining center, with working stroke 1250mm in X-axis, 900mm in Y-axis, 800mm in Z-axis, axis B’s arbitray angle of ± 360 °s and axis C’s arbitray angle of ± 360 °s .Working table is 800×800mm. It can process pentahedron and can also process the camber in space.
  Model HOM-6G double-housing planer imported from Japan can realize both-side and top machining. Effective machining area is 1300×6000mm. Working table is 6900mm long, while bottom seat is 12000mm long, which enable maximum cutting height to be 1800mm.
  Model MC65 machining center imported from Japan is a three-coordinate, two-axis interlock machining center with working stroke 630mm in X-axis, 585mm in Y-axis and 650mm in Z-axis. Working table is 500×500mm. Loading capacity of holding tray is 700kg. Annual manufacturing capacity of engine body is over 350 sets.
Diesel Engine
Test Center
Model FP175NC Machining Center imported from Germany
Model HOM-6G Double Housing Planer imported from Japan
Model MC65 Three-coordinate, Two-axle Interlock Machining Center imported Japan
Model HMC800 Machining Center imported from Sweden

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