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Quality Management
  In December,1996,Ziyang Locomotive Works established the quality assurance system and formulated the long and medium term quality policies as “first-class product and first-class service”. After the system had run for six years, it re-established the new policies as “meet the demands of customers ,practice fine culture, continually improve on quality, offer first-class products.
  The works passed GB/T19001-1994 idt ISO9001:1994 of Beijing Quality Assurance Centre of China Association for Quality, and passed the reapproval and site auditing in June,2000, and was awarded the new certification in August,2000. The works passed the auditing approval of China Association for Quality for ISO9001:2000 version in December,2002.
  At the later half of 2000,Ziyang Locomotive Works was enlarged capacity to produce electric locomotive.The production process was strictly controlled according to the requirement of quality system.Correlative quality document for electric locomotive was added.The quality manual and program document were modified and changed into new version. At same time the works applied for the approval of quality system to Quality Assurance Centre of China Association,and the auditing scope included electric locomotive products.
  In order to ensure the quality system to operate in effect and continually every year,the Works organizes and carries out internal quality system auditing and checking for twice or more,and carries out once or twice management appraisals and trains workers and staff members as perplan.
  The Works passed the verification of first class workshop management by former Loric in 1999.The works insists on carrying out massive quality management activities.For years, some QC groups have been awarded the title of excellent QC group respectively by the State,Province, City and Railway ministry. In 1998,the Works was awarded SiChuan Provincial QC Activity Excellent Enterprise.In 1997, the works was awarded the advanced quality management collectivity during the “Eighth Five-year Plan Period” by the Loric.
  Leaders at all levels and all staff members in the works continually pursue to quality improvement.The product quality is continually improved. The first level rate of locomotives retains 100%. Product supervise and test centre of Railway ministry had come to works for many times to sample and supervise the quality of diesel engine, turbocharger, crankshaft, axle and connecting rod and other parts, the acceptable rate of the sampling items are 100%.The Works was once awarded the first-class prize for locomotive manufacture quality by China Loric . The DF4 series locomotives have been assessed as Sichuan Provincial name brand products since 1997 and was awarded as users’“Especially Satisfied Product” at Sichuan Exposition in 1998.
  Ziyang Locomotive Works has set up perfect net system for customer service.There are nine centres for after-sale service in north-east, north-west, Central Plain, Shanghai, Beijing and so on in China.The works seriously promises to answer the quality question reflected by users within 24 hours, and send the service personnel within 72 hours for locomotive problems, supply “Three Guarantees Service” parts for the users in advance and provide good service for customers in time. In 1997,Sichuan Association of Quality Committee made the investigation for satisfaction rate of customers,and the satisfication rate for products of the Works was 93.45%.
  The Works has complete production facilities, advanced technology and test means,excellent machining equipments and toolings.There are more than four thousands machinery ,machining and test equipment of all kinds.The works imported advanced machines one after another from Germany,Switzerland, Swiss,Japan,America for engine block ,connecting rod, cylinder head and so on ,as well as test and analysis instrument ,infrared carbon sulfur apparatus ,large-scale metallomicroscope ,vacuum direct reading wavelength spectrometer, volumetric measuring instrument , gear tester so as to guarantee the accuracy requirements of products.There are more than ten thousands employee in the works,among which more than 2800 are speciality technical personnel who engage product development, technology and manufacture management ,and more than nine hundreds employee directly engage in inspection, measurement and testing.The Works is the first-class national measurement unit,which capability of test can meet the requirement of product quality.
  Now, the activity of quality management aiming at Manufacturing first-class Locomotives is carrying out in Ziyang locomotive Works.With the customers’ satisfication as the attention focus,all the staff members of the works are continuouslly improving the product quality and service quality and whole heartedly offering excellent locomotive and quality service for the customers.
Quality management
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