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The Enterprise Environment
 Locomotive City is a newly developing modern enterprise. There are the garden-style factories surrounded with green hills and pleasant tree making shade. There are closed workshop buildings in which advanced and world first-class equipment are installed. There is a refined and luxurious star hotel with the first-class service. There is a culture recreation and sports center for sports and health improving. Equipped with the advanced facilities; there is a recreation square with a number of units of fountain spouting constantly, and trees making a pleasant shade and there are many locomotives arranging for departing. There is long horn sound, greeting guests with beautiful songs and spreading remotely.
 When you walk into Ziyang City, SiChuan Province, the tourist map of the land of abundance is spreading slowly to you-----
 Ziyang City, is located by the side of Chengdu-Chongqing expressway, 87km away from Chengdu. Its preferential position provides us convenient transportation. The scenic spots well known at home and abroad around Ziyang are Jiuzhaigou-Huanglong, Marquis Wu Shine, Thatched Cottage Du Fu, Dujiangyan, Qingcheng Mountain in the north, Mountain Emei and Leshan Giant Buddha and Bamboo Sea in the southwest, and Zigong Dinosaur Museum, Dazu Stone Carvings, Baodingshan Stone Carvings and Three Gorges of Changjiang River in the southeast. All these open up Bashu’s long history, magnificent culture, beautiful mountains and rivers to the limit.
 If you go to Jiuzhaigou-Huanglong praised as “Heaven on earth, fairy tale world”, you may start at dawn and arrive at dark by driving. You can view and admire Mingjiang River and Qiang Stockade Village, enchanting sight of the plateau on the way. “ There is a place, which is worthy of yearning, is like the paradise of human world of one party, is like the colored gallery; there is a place, which is difficult to forget, like a young girl including feelings in front of a window, like a girl taking a shower in the moon.” This is just Jiuzhaigou: the lake water is dark green, inverted image is limpid, the waterfall splashes, the mountain valley rings.
 If you go to the world-famous beautiful Mt. Emei, and adjacent Leshan Giant Buddha, you need to drive for about three hours. Mt. Emei stands in the southwest Sichuan basin, rises sheer from level ground, is higher than the Five Mountains. The highest peak height above sea level is 3099 meters. Many flowers clusters along passageway in great numbers of mountain path, the spring flows and the waterfall pours, the ancient wood stands to the sky, the scene is grand and beautiful. If it will be fine at the beginning after the rain, you could view and admire miraculous Buddhish Halo on the Golden Summit, which has a distinctive flavor compared with Mount Tai, and you will never forget in the life.
 If you go to grand miraculous magnificent Three Gorges of Changjiang River, you could arrive at Chongqing by driving first, consequently change the tour line, pass by Fengdu Ghost City, Shibao Stockade Village of Zhong County, Zhangfei Temple of Yunyang, Baidi City of Fengjie County, then enter into Three Gorges. The Three Gorges Projects has already been opened up to navigation and generated electricity, which affords a magnificent spectacle. It is artificial with natural liking nature itself to open up to the limit.
 If you go to the historical-cultural famous city, Chengdu, you could sightsee Marquis Wu Shine and Thatched Cottage Du Fu as national key culture-relic protective unit. Going out of the urban area of Chengdu, there are Chinese ancient famous Dujiangyan Water Project, Qingcheng mountain praised as “Deep and remote all over the world ” and Wolong Nature Reserve as the national treasure pandas’ base.
 On the way of going to Chongqing of mountain city, you might call at Zigong Dinosaur Museum and Sault Industry Museum, Dazu Stone Carvings, Baodingshan Stone Carvings, Bamboo Sea of Shunan by driving.
 The close at hand captivating beauty spots shall attract you to appreciate majestic humanity and natural landscape, experience the infinite glamour of Bashu Culture and must make you completely relaxed and happy and be on the scoop.
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