ˇˇPlacing ourselves in a flying time,

ˇˇWe are seeking for the newerˇ˘the higher and the faster.

ˇˇPlacing ourselves in the strategic opportunities for building a well-to-do society in the ˇˇwhole country,

ˇˇWe are rapidly building the first-class enterprise in line with world technical level.

ˇˇPresenting with the ˇ°advanced, well-proven, economical, applicable and reliableˇ± ˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇlocomotives to customer.

ˇˇWe are working for being in step with the leap-forward development of railways!

ˇˇPlacing ourselves in the rapid development of rail transportation equipment manufacture ˇˇˇˇindustry of the world,

ˇˇWe are facing the pulled prelude of international cooperation and competition in the new ˇˇround.

ˇˇAiming at the target of ˇ°the first-class enterprises at home and famous enterprises in ˇˇˇˇthe worldˇ±,

ˇˇWe would like to create the brilliant future of modern transportation together with the ˇˇˇˇenterprises both at home and abroad.

ˇˇTaking the promotion of national rail transportation manufacture industry as its mission,

ˇˇCRS Ziyang Locomotive Works is applying itself to being an important member in the world ˇˇtransportation manufacturing industry in the course of the world getting closer to China ˇˇˇˇand China going global.