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After-Sale Service
¡¡Ziyang Locomotive Works is the specialized manufacturer of high-power main line electric, diesel-electric locomotive and diesel shunting locomotive in China. Being one of the national large-scale enterprise, it obtains ISO9001:2000 quality system certification, ISO14001:1996 environment system certification, GB/T28001:2001system certification, and is listed in 512 key state-owned enterprise of the whole country and subordinates to China South Railway Locomotive and Rolling Stock Industry (Group) Corporation. Ziyang Locomotive Works has 30-year history of manufacturing diesel locomotive adheres to " sincerity as foundation, create the wealth , reciprocate the society " as the enterprise's goal, ¡°satisfy customer's demands, practise meticulous culture, improve quality continuously and present first-class products " as its quality policy. The staff of the whole works share happiness and woe, striking actively. Products of the works spread railway, metallurgy, petrochemical industry, electricity, mine, port, verious industrial departments in 28 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions all over the country, and were sold far to the such countries as Thailand, Vietnam, Tanzania, Zambia, etc. Insisting on regarding ¡°customers¡¯ satisfaction¡± as the core in the activities of after-sale service, Ziyang Locomotive Works improves the customers¡¯ satisfaction of after-sale service constantly, offeres prompt and high-quality service for the clients with more than 3000 locomotives manufactured by the works (by the end of 2002), guarantees the normal application of the locomotives and gains unanimous favorable comment of the broad customers in China and foreign countries.
A¡¢Quality policy and quality goal of the works
1¡¢Quality policy :
¡¡To satisfy customer's demands, to practise meticulous culture, to improve quality continuously and to present first-class products.
2¡¢Quality goal:
(1)Only preparation not refit when a locomotive arrives at a depot
(2)Locomotive¡¯s quality guarantee period: DF8B locomotives¡¯ running mileage is up to 300,000 kilometers, while electric locomotive up to 500,000 kilometers.
(3)Customer satisfaction percentage increases gradually by 1% every year.
(4)To implement two projects ¡°Technological renovation, quality improvement¡±
(5)Technological level of locomotive manufacture will reach DJ1 level in three years.
Technological level of diesel engine manufacture will reach CAT level in three years.

B¡¢After-sale service and technological training
1¡¢After-sale service
(1)After-sale service organization
¡¡The works set up the special after-sale service organization and after-sale Service Department, in 1999, a vice chief engineer is responsible for service work. After-sale Service Department has one head, two vice heads and three business groups. There are 9 service areas distributed in the Northeast, the Northwest, the Southeast, the Southwest, Central China, East China, North China, South China, Beijing etc in the whole country. If in these areas the new users of the locomotive are located, the service team centers shall be set up, which can assure that service in time and upon call. The works also sets up the mobile service teams with more than 100 people, who are sent to serve for users at any time.
((2) Methods of after-sale service
¡¡Initial service: Before the locomotives leave factory and get to the user¡¯s site, the leaders of the works shall lead a group of people to visit and understand the user¡¯s requirement, to invite the user to come to the works and study the conditions of the locomotives. Initial training includes the conjoint method of the user to send people to the works for training and the works to send engineers to the user¡¯s site to give training.
¡¡Beginning of running service: After locomotives arrive at the depot the service personnel shall assist in preparation and ensure that locomotives can be put into operation as soon as possible.
¡¡Running service: When locomotives is beginning of running, service personnel shall instruct the drivers in order to ensure the locomotives to be normally operated.
¡¡Mainterance service: service personnel for locomotive minor repair and auxiliary repair shall participate in mantenance, solving technological problems and feedbacking information timely. Service personnel of locomotive medium maintenance shall trace and cooperate to solve the users¡¯ difficulties and grasp the relevant technical data.
(3) After-sale service management
¡¡To implement the works¡¯ quality program document ¡°Customers¡¯ Satisfaction Management program¡±.
¡¡To have the perfect work criterion of after-sale service and strict system of assessing service.
¡¡To establish the users¡¯ information database of locomotive, so as to inquire all the dynamic information of allocation, operation, maintenance , quality, service of all locomotive users at any time, thus the reliable technological support for users¡¯ service can be offered.

(4) Three-guarantee spare parts
¡¡The works establishes ¡°Three-guarantee¡± spare part storehouse in which stores the locomotive major parts valued over one million yuan RMB.
¡¡The locomotive and spare parts " three-guarantee " shall be implemented the principle of ¡°Three-priority¡± of allocation, repair, sending and transportation. Air transportation or sending directly by truck shall be done if urgent need is required.
(5)Promises of after-sale service
¡¡The works first complies with the conditions of the relevant quality guarantee period specified in locomotive bidding document by China Ministry of Railways.
¡¡Whenever any quality problem occurs in locomotive at depot, service team stationed at the depot shall deal with the problem within 24 hours. If there is no service team stationed, answer shall be given within 24 hours and problem shall be removed by service personnel at site within 72 hours.
¡¡During the quality guarantee period, the works shall free of charge repair or replace the defect parts due to the works¡¯ responsibility and those parts partly caused by the defect parts so as to ensure the normal running of locomotives.
¡¡During the quality guarantee period, the works will offer one set of maintenance drawing free of charge to new users because the change of allocation of a locomotive, and will free of charge train locomotive drivers and maintenance personnel.
¡¡The works offers lifetime technological service to locomotives, and offers spare parts at the preferential prices after the quality guarantee period.
¡¡The leaders of the works shall lead a group of people to pay quality visit at least once a year, listen to the users' opinions modestly so as to improve the quality of the locomotive continuouslyand improve services.
2¡¢Auxiliary service and training
(1)Condition of training
¡¡The works always attach¨¦s importance to technological training. Since 1980, the works has attached much importance to the set-up of technological training base. Professional Training Institute of Ziyang City has set up and over thousands of locomotive drivers, maintenance personnel and manage personnel have been trained. At present, After-sale Service Department of the works cooperates to carry on training with professional Training Institute. Course offered is complete and teaching means is abundant day by day.
(2)Existing situation of training
¡¡According to users¡¯ needs, for users newly equipped with diesel locomotives, Ziyang Locomotive Works will hold one-month training class for drivers and maintenance personnel (The board and lodging and travel charge at their own expanse ), and trains talents for users according to 5 people per locomotive free of charge. Users will systematically learn locomotive, diesel engine, electric, drive and analysis and remove of usral troubles, especially master the relevant knowledge of operation and maintenance of diesel engine and computer controlling system.
(3) Extended service
¡¡According to users¡¯ needs, Ziyang Locomotive Works will provide users with locomotives¡¯ extended service, for example, to offer technological consultation regarding maintaining and repair locomotive; to send engineers to the site to give technical lecture and instruction according to users¡¯ needs and undertake maintenance service after the quality guarantee period and carry out certain repairs.
¡¡The works can also offer locomotive spare parts maintenance and inspection equipment , tooling which are urgent needed by users, and deliver them to the spot and are responsible for installing and comissioning.

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