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External Communication
¡¡¡¡Honestly treat every guest of the world and all friends all over the world are welcome to our works. CSR Ziyang Locomotive Works always carries out friendly contacts and cooperation with all friends both at home and abroad with since attitude in all fields such as product development, scientific and technological exchange, equipment importing, technical training and personnel mutual visit. At the same time the reform and development of Ziyang Locomotive Works are always paid special attention by China Ministry of Railway, CSR as well as provincial and city governments.
¡¡¡¡Now the works is specially carrying out the technical new stralegy of ¡°importing from abroad and cooperation at home¡±. CSR Ziyang Locomotive Works has got rich experience in introducing, digesting, assimilating foreign technology. As for key part, ND5 locomotive air filter system and traction gear technology introduced from GE¡¯ America in early days, have been popularized and applied to domestic diesel locomotive from 1990s. Electronic injection technology of high-power diesel engines for railway locomotives jointly developed with America WoodWard company, has been successfully applied. Four units of locomotive have been equipped with electronic injection device. ¡°HTCR radial bogie technological transfer ¡± jointly carried out with America GM EMD Company was classified ¡°the national major technical equipment innovation and developing¡± item and is entered into the stage of sample trial-producing now.
¡¡¡¡System integrated technological superiorty possessed by the works was given full play in the open-up of international market. By adopting the foreign well-known brand of diesel engine, hydraulic transmission box, anti-slip and anti-skid system, Ziyang Locomotive Works succeed in developing the new-type locomotive exported to the countries such as Thailand, Vietnam and Tanzania-Zambia Railway. The conditions of locomotives exported to Thailand ars good as before after 10-year¡¯s operation and other quality and performance are stable and reliable. Locomotives exported to Vietnam in 2001 were rapidly become the main force in Vietnamese railway transportation and received approval and the favorable comment. On such good foundation the works obtained consequent locomotive orders in quantity. Normal running and good performance of locomotives exported to Tanzania-Zambia have gained good international reputation for the works. Cooperatively developed by Ziyang locomotive Works and Zhouzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute, DF8BJ locomotive is the high-power diesel-electric main line locomotive with AC drive technique of domesticization. The locomotive is characterized by good performance of traction and wide application, etc. DF8BJ locomotive has been test-run up to 80,000 kilometers. In Dec 17,2003, DF8BJ locomotive was carried on the first 120km/h speed test-run, trailing freight train on Zhengzhou-KaiFeng line, and gained success.
¡¡¡¡With powerful technical strength and manufacturer resources, good products performance and enterprise prestige the works have got the extensive approval of the domestic and international manufacturers. Personal at higher level from GE Company, GM Company, America, Bombadier Inc, Sweden, Toyota Company, Japan visit and investigate to seek the cooperation one after another.
¡¡¡¡As the leading enterprise of local economy, the provincial and city government has always attached great importance to the reform and development of Ziyang Locomotive Works. According to the relevant policy stipulations for great development of west China and in the layout and implementing plan of building eight main products chain in SiChuan Province, Ziyang Locomotive Works shall be developed into the leading enterprise of rail traffic equipment. For important foreign trade and technology introduction of Ziyang Locomotive Works, the provincial leaders will participate in and offer great support in person. For development strategy of ¡°the Western Car City¡±, meanwhile, Ziyang City made layout of nearly thousand mu of land as the enterprise's long-term development specially.
¡¡In order to meet the needs of great-leap-forward development of the railways and promote modernization of railway equipment, the works is seeking for more extensive cooperation and support actively. The works would like to make progress together with the domestic and international friends and start beautiful future.

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