Type SS3B Electric Locomotive
  Type SS3B electric locomotive,consisting of two identical six-axle locomotives, through mechanical,electricand air-braking pipeline by fixed multiple connection.It is an integrated twelve-axle locomotive for heavy haul of freight on main line.Both driver¡¯s cabs have the same control functions.Each loco can act as a six-axle locomotive independently which is originated from SS3 electric locomotive after cutting down one driver¡¯s cab.The locomotive decreases a great deal of circuit by increasing Train Communication Network Control (TCN) system. Moreover the condition of main components and the imformations of malfunction can be displayed. So SS3B electric locomotive features advanced techniques, high reliability and easy maintenance.

  Every locomotive body is divided into such senven compartments as driver¡¯s cab, NO.1 auxiliary equipment compartment, NO.1 high voltage room, transformer room, NO.2 high voltage room, NO.2 auxiliary equipment compartment, NO.3 auxiliary equipment compartment, roof locomotive equipment and bottom locomotive equipment.

  Type SS3B electric locomotive is characterized by excellent starting as well as good traction and advanced techniques£¬higher reliability ,perfect versatility and easy maintenance.

Main Technical Data 

Application Main line freight service
Distance between couper centers 42832mm
Locomotive length 41616mm
Locomotive width 3100mm
Locomotive Continuous power 2¡Á4350kW
Locomotive Continuous speed  48km/h
Max speed . 100km/h
Braking manner Feeding resistance brake
Braking effort at wheel rim  309KN
Braking power  2¡Á4000kw
Continuous Traction effort 2¡Á317.8kN
Starting Traction effort 2¡Á470.9kN
Axle load 23t
Locomotive weight 2¡Á138t
Height of pantograph above rail level ¡Û4750mm
Height of coupler center line above rail top 880¡À10mm
Fixed wheel base of bogie 2300/2000mm
Operating voltage Rated 25kV
Max. 29kV
Min. 19kV
Min.negotiable curve radius 125m
Wheel arrangement 2(C0-C0)
Gauge 1435mm
Driving wheel diameter 1250mm
Capacity of main reservoir 2¡Á1.224m3
Sand box capacity 2¡Á0.8m3
Air brake model DK-1plus combined electro-pneumatic brake

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