Type GKD3B Diesel Locomotive

    Type GKD3B diesel locomotive is a new type of economic and environmental protection shunting and transfer locomotive which is provided for all the users in and out of railway. Its wheel arrangement is Co-Co, axle load is 23t or 25t and max. speed is 100km/h. The locomotive is designed depending on RAMS demand (namely reliability, applicability, maintenance, security)

    In the locomotive is installed a type 12V240ZJ diesel engine rated at 2000kW in vehicle. There are electronic injection and mechanical injection methods for users to choose. When adopt the electronic injection, the diesel engine cancel the velometer, the speed becomes more stable, and the inertia speed can be adjusted from 400r/min to 350r/min, so finally reduce the oil consumption with no-load service. The pressure charging system adopt pulse pressure charging, so the diesel engine has a good following performance. It is very useful to the shunting, because most of shunting locomotives under low-load service can achieve good economic efficiency and emission performance. The main generator adopts brushless excitation, cancels the exciter and rectifier, so the main generator become more advanced and reliable.

    The locomotive adopts the programmed control and adds a logical control and color LCD screen display. The microcomputer control is more perfect, compared with the shunting locomotive made by our factory before, the content is more, the range is wider, operation is more reliable.

    The drivers cab is designed according to standardization cab. 23t or 25t axle load are adopted for the locomotive, which can be choosen according to users requirements.

    The successful development of the type GKD3B diesel locomotive adds a new member to our works locomotive series. The excellence of the structural and performance in this type of locomotive decide it to has the stronger competitive power in the same type locomotive in our country, and has the widely market foreground. Now it has already been taken to the users and its operation is very good.

Main Technical Data of Locomotive
Application Shunting & transfer
Operating environment As per the environment specified in GB3314-82 <the diesel locomotives current technology specification>
Track gauge 1435mm
Clearance GB/T146.1-1983<standard gauge rail locomotive and rolling stock clearance>[limitation-1A, limitation-3(the height of tractive gear box cover above rail top in a new wheel condition)]
Rated power 1700kW
Engine service output 2000kW
Wheel arrangement Co-Co
Axle load 23(13%)t
Weight in working order 138(13%)t
Fuel tank capacity 6200L
Oil capacity 1000kg
Cooling water capacity 1000kg
Sand capacity 800kg
Min. negotiable curve radius 100m(pass with speed smaller than 5km/h)
Height of coupler center above rail top 88010mm
Distance between couplers 19900mm
Max. speed 100km/h
Max. constant speed 90km/h
Continuous speed 15.6km/h
Tractive effect at wheel rim 442kN(23t adherence limit)
480kN(25t adherence limit)
520kN(according with motor )
Continuous tractive effect 349KN
Overall dimension 1990032564750
Wheel base 1800mm

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