Type GK3B Diesel Locomotive

    Type GK3B diesel locomotive is the version of locomotive developed and built by Ziyang Locomotive Works on the basis of existing twin engine-transmission units locomotive to meet the increasing demands on the heavy load traction of China railway and the needs of customers in various industries. It is suitable for the shunting and transfer operation of 3600 to 4800 tons freight train in railway depots and stations, mines, steel or metallurgical works, petrochemical plant, sea ports and local railway lines.

    In the locomotive are installed two sets of engine-transmission units, i.e. two Type Z12V190BJ diesel engines£¨service output 790kW for each£©and two Type ZJ2011A hydraulic transmissions. According to the operating requirements one of the units can be stopped to adapt the locomotive to the operating conditions such as low-load or no-load service. Mechanical reversing, electrical change-over and pneumatic device for eleminating the tip-to-tip gears during reversing are used for Type ZJ2011A transmission so as to better satisfy the shunting and transfer operation. With walking way at each side, the locomotive has its cab in the middle and the engine-transmission room I and II symmetrically located at the front and rear ends. Running part consists of two sets of interchangeable three-axle bogie with the fuel tank and main reservoir suspended in the center under the bogie. The driver¡¯s cab provides a better looking-out condition and has good sound and insulation performance. In order to suit for the severe conditions such as high temperature, cold climate, dusty areas etc, the locomotive is provided with high-efficiency engine inlet air filter, air supply purifier and air preheater.

    The locomotive is characterized by heavy haul tonnage, good traction characteristics, flexible reversing, easy operation, reliable service and better adaptability.

Main Technical Data of Locomotive
Operating environment £­40¡«40¡æ
Application shunting and transfer
Type of engine Z12V190BJ
Engine service output 2¡Á790kW
Type of main transmission hydraulic(mechanical reversing & electric change-over)
Track gauge 1435mm
Wheel diameter 1050mm£¨new£©
Axle load 23t
Axle arrangement C-C
Weight in working order 138t
Max. speed 50km/h
Continuous speed 12km/h
Max. starting tractive effort 460kN
Continuous tractive effort 311kN
Min. negotiable curve radius 125m
Fuel capacity 6330L
Oil capacity 350kg
Overall dimensions 21100¡Á3376¡Á4762mm

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