Type GK2 Diesel Locomotive

    Type GK2 diesel locomotive is the heavy-duty industrial and mining shunter developed by Ziyang Locomotive Works, suitable for the shunting and transfer operations in railways, metallurgical and petrochemical enterprises, ports and local lines etc.

    In the locomotive a Type MTU16V396TC14 diesel engine£¨with 1380kW power in vehicle£©, a Type Voith L5r4ZU2 hydraulic transmission and an anti-slide & anti-slip device by Krauss-Maffei are installed.

    With the walking way at each side, the locomotive has a running part consisting of two sets of exchangeable three-axle bogie with fuel tank suspended in the middle. The driver¡¯s cab, with an operating desk in the rear and front respectively, can meet the operation requirements of the forward and backward running. It is also provided with better looking-out and heat and sound insulation.

    The locomotive is characterized by good performance, easy controlling, reliable operation and better adaptability.

Main Technical Data of Locomotive

Application shunting & transfer
Type of engine MTU16V396TC14
Engine service output 1380kW
Type of main transmission hydraulic(hydraulic reversing)
Track gauge 1435mm
Wheel diameter 1050mm£¨new£©
Bogie wheel base 4130mm
Center dist. bet. two bogies 9150mm
Axle load 20t
Axle arrangement C-C
Weight in working order 120t
Max. speed 65km/h
Continuous speed 11km/h
Starting tractive effort 353kN
Continuous tractive effort 268kN
Min. negotiable curve radius 100m
Fuel capacity 4132L
Oil capacity 185kg
Overall dimensions 17750¡Á3376¡Á4727mm

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