Type GK1M Diesel Locomotive

    Type GK1m diesel locomotive with a Type CAT3412E diesel engine imported from America is a new type of locomotive developed based on the marked demands. The diesel engine¡¯s service output is 1100kW(1500 hp). The locomotive¡¯s computing adhesive weight is 100t, the axle arrangement is B-B and the Max. Speed is 35/80km/h. It is suitable for shunting work as well as transfer operations in metallurgical departments, mines, petrochemical enterprises, ports etc.

    Type GK1m diesel locomotive design is based on the series of GK1. The design assimilates much advanced matured technology, adopts the diesel engine imported from foreign country, adopt the microcomputer control device, improve the conformability of the driver¡¯s cab, and so on. The locomotive¡¯s comprehensive level keeps ahead in our country, and reachs the world¡¯s advanced lever in the 90 decades. The locomotive¡¯s car body is adopted all-welded steel construction. From front to rear end the locomotive consists of such five parts as front machine room, engine room, transmission and cooling chamber, driver¡¯s cab and rear machine room. Type CAT3512 diesel engine is characterized by smaller volume, lighter weight, quick starting and lower fuel consumption. In the normal operation condition, the overhaul life is more than 24,000h. By No.1 cardan shaft of the elastic coupling, the power output connects the type ZJ4015GYB hydraulic transmission box in transmission-cooling room, pass by the No. 2 and No.3 cardan shafts, the axle gear box of bogie drives wheel pair.

    The locomotive¡¯s car body is a bonnet type, with the wide walking way installed the handrail at each side, suit for the shunting operation. The fuel tank is installed under the center of the main frame. The locomotive has a running part consisting of two sets of same, exchangeable 25t axle load bogies. The locomotive adopts the hydraulic reverse technology. Under the hydraulic transmission box is the change-over mechanical construction of the operation conditions. Based on the application requirement, move the reversing handle to the shunting or the transfer position. The locomotive adopts the microcomputer control devices to reduce the electric fault in the locomotive. The most of the elements and parts in the locomotive (excluding of diesel engine) can be interchanged by GK locomotive series made in the works.

Main Technical Data of Locomotive
Application Shunting & transfer
Track gauge 1435mm
Engine service output 1100kW (The environment air temperature is higher than 30oC, the altitude is not higher than 700m and the relative humidity is not bigger than 70%)
Wheel arrangement B-B
Wheel diameter 1050mm(new)
Calculated Weight in working order 100¡À3%t
Axle load 25¡À3%t
Min. negotiable curve radius 70m(passing speed smaller than 5km/h)
Type of main transmission Hydraulic
Type of brake Air brake
Type of couplers 13# top-operated
Fuel box capacity 3800L
Diesel engine¡¯s lubricated oil capacity 700kg
Cooling water capacity 800kg
Sand capacity 600kg
Transmission oil capacity of hydraulic transmission box 400kg
Lubricated oil capacity of axle gear box 80kg
Height of coupler center line above rail top 880¡À10mm
Distance between couplers 14900mm
Starting tractive effort 323/240kN(Shunting/transfer)
Continuous tractive effort 272/157kN(Shunting/transfer)
Max. speed 35/80km/h(Shunting/transfer)
Continuous speed 10/14km/h(Shunting/transfer)
Max. speed without 100km/h
Overall dimension 14900¡Á3376¡Á4780mm

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