Type DF4C Diesel-Electric Locomotive

   Equipped with AC-DC transmission, Type DF4c diesel locomotives are designed for the purpose of passenger or freight traction on main lines. Locomotives for different services have the same structures but different gear ratios.

   Type DF4C diesel locomotive was developed on the basis of DF4B locomotive. It is a version of advanced-world-level of 1980 with a longer service life and improvements on locomotive operating power, tractive performance and drivers working conditions. Not only the economy and reliability are improved, but also the problems of unreasonable arrangement and inertia mass exsisted in DF4B resolved.

   Driven by diesel engine, the AC synchronous traction alternator generates three-phase alternating current. Through a thyrestor, the current is fed to traction motors which then drives the wheel sets via traction gears. Box structured with side wall loading for the body, the locomotive has a cab on both end, in either which the locomotive can be controlled.

   From the front to the rear, there are cab I, electric apparatus room, power room, cooling room, auxiliary room and cab II. With batteries on both sides, the fuel tank is fixed beneath the middle of main frame. The running gear of locomotive consists of two interchangeable three-axle bogies with a low four-rod mechanism traction and rolling bearing journal box, while two-stage suspension system is composed of journal box springs and bearing rubber elements. The traction motor is suspended form the axle of the wheel set. Type JZ-7 brake equipment is used for the braking system so as to brake the locomotive independently or together with the whole vehicles trailed. Electric resistance brake can also be applied on long down gradient. The locomotive can be operated in tandem.

   Air for diesel engine will be filtered by means of V-strainer mesh, high-efficiency multiple tube air spin cleaner and paper filter while the oil be filtered by high-efficiency polypropylene fibre filter element.

   DF4C locomotive features good performance ,low oil consumption, reliable operation, easy maintenance and comfortable working conditions. It has a perfect versatility with DF4B. Wherever DF4A or DF4B locomotive can be manutatured, operated or maintained, DF4C locomotive can be operated and repaired in a same way.

Main Technical Data of Locomotive
Application Trunk passenger and freight transportation Overall dimensions (LWH) 2110033094755mm
Track gauge 1435mm Max.speed for passenger 120km/h
for freight 100km/h
Axle arrangement C0-C0


for passenger 31.5km/h
for freight 23.7km/h
Wheel diameter 1050mm Starting traction force for passenger 331kN
for freight 440kN
Axle load 233%t Continuous
traction force
for passenger 234kN
for freight 312kN
Service weight 1383%t Min.negotiable curve radius 145m
Fuel capacity 9000L Total locomotive wheel base 15.6m
Oil capacity 1200kg Type of diesel engine 16V240ZJC
Water capacity 1200kg Type of traction alternator TQFR-3000B
Sand capacity 800kg Type of silicon rectifier GTF4800/770
Bogie wheel base 3.6m Type of traction motor ZQDR-410C




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