Type DF12 Diesel-Electric Locomotive

    Rated at 2430kW, Type DF12 diesel-electric locomotive is the shunting locomotive with highest power at present in China. It is suitable for the shunting and transfer operations of 5000 ton freight train in large railway marshalling stations and industrial enterprises as well as traction operation of freight train on main line.The engine of locomotive drives a three-phase synchronous traction alternator. The AC power generated is supplied to traction motor through the thyristor, then traction motors drive the wheel sets via traction gears. The running gear of locomotive is two three-axle bogies.The locomotive was designed on the basis of type DF4B locomotive. While the main components such as diesel engine, traction motor, transmission and so on retain the versatility of those in type DF4B locomotive, frame with walking way outside is adopted. With microcomputer control installed and the innovated bogie structure, the working conditions for the drivers are highly improved and the shunting performance is greatly enhanced.

    The locomotive, characterized by high power, excellent performance, good versatility, high reliability, simple operation and easy maintenance, is an ideal heavy-duty shunting locomotive for heavy load transportation.

Main Technical Data of Locomotive

Application Shunting and Transfer Operation
Track gauge 1435mm
Axle arrangement Co-Co
Axle load 233%t253%t
Weight in working order 1383%t1503%t
Engine service output 2430kW
Max.speed 100km/h
Continuous speed 20.5km/h
Starting traction force 437kN
Continuous traction force 317.7kN
Min.negotiable curve radius 100m
Fuel capacity 6200L
Sand capacity 800kg
Overall dimensions (LWH) 1990033764722mm
Type of diesel engine 16V240ZJB
Type of traction alternator TQFR-3000
Type of thyristor GTF4800/770
Type of traction motor ZODR-410

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