General Situation of Products

   The main products of the enterprise are DF4 Series and type DF8B main line diesel locomotive. Shunting diesel locomotive with different power and ss3 and ss4 electric locomotives. Each year the works can produce more than 300 units of locomotives.
 Amony them, DF4 series locomotives are characteriyed by good traction performance and low fuel consumption, reliable operation and easy maintenance. The type DF8B locomotive rated 3680 kW can satisfy the requirement for heavy load at high speed on the busy main line. The type DF8BJ diesel locomotive was developed jointly by ziyang locomotive Works and Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute. Type ss3 electric locomotive rated 4800kw for both passenger and freight service is the main type locomotive for mountain area electrification railway in China. Type ss3b electric locomotive, composed of two units of complete same 6-axle locomotive by means of fixed multiple unit control for mechanical and electrical system and air braking pipeline, is the 12-axle heavy-duty freight service locomotive. The locomotive has increased the Train Control Network(TCN) and reduced a large number of the hard line. The operating state of every main part of the locomotive and trouble information can be shown on the colored liquid crystal disply screen. It improves the advance ability of the locomotive and the convenience of the using and maintenance. The type DF12 shunting locomotive rate 2430Kw is the largest power shunting locomotive in our country. It is the ideal heavy-duty shunting locomotive for heavy-load transport railway. According to RAMS design requirement(reliability、suitability. Maintainability and safety.) Type GKD3B shunting locomotive rated at power 2000Kw can reach max speed of 100km per hour. It is a new generation economic and environmental protections type locomotive shunting locomotive for the shunting and transfer at low speed. Type GK diesel-hydraulic locomotives rated 310 kw-100 kw are well-received by the users. Moreover, our enterprise also offers 12V180ZJ high speed diesel engines, 16V240ZJB(C), 6L240ZJ(D), 12V240ZJ(D), 16VZJA(G) medium speed diesel engines for inside and outside railway or the domestic and international locomotive users. Also includes the fittings and auxiliary products of diesel and electric locomotive such as the gear wheels. Connecting rods. crankshaft, turbocharger, governor, fuel pump and injector.
 The products made by the works are speed in 28 provinces municipates and autonomous all over the country in such trades and departments as railway, metallurgy, petrochemical industry, electric power. mine and port etc. The locomotive and spare part were exported to Thailand. Indonesia. India. Viotnam and Tanzania, etc .


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