Type CKD8C Narrow Gauge Diesel Electric Locomotive

     Type CKD8C narrow gauge main-line diesel electric locomotive is designed for Southeast Asia and Africa railways. Type Cummins QSK60-L or CAT3516BHD is installed in the locomotive. The gauge is 1065, 1067 or 1000mm. The axle arrangement is Co-Co and the axle load is less than 16.5 tons. The maximum speed is 120km/h.
Three-phase AC-DC transmission is used on the locomotive. Three-phase AC current generated by a main alternator, which is driven by diesel engine, is rectified and then supplied to the six parallel-connection traction motors which drive the wheels running via driving gears.
There are two type of this kind of locomotive. One is inner walking way locomotive with double drives cabs at both ends, one is outside walking way locomotive with one drives cab.
The locomotive is characterized by good traction and braking characteristics, high reliability and transmission efficiency and lower operation and maintenance cost.

Main Technical Data of Locomotive

Service power(UIC) 2000kW1800rpm
Axle arrangement C0C0
Service weight 99t
Min. negotiable curve radium 90 m
Max. speed 120 km/h
Continuous speed 24.2km/h
Starting traction effect 372.4kN(starting current limit)
307.3kN(adhesion limit)
Fuel capacity 3500L
Oil capacity 600kg
Water capacity 800kg
Sand capacity 400L
Gauge 1065,1067,1000mm
Type of traction alternator CDJF201B(brushless excitation)



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