CK6 Diesel-Hydraulic Locomotive

    Type CK6 diesel locomotive is a narrow-gauge diesel-hydraulic locomotive designed and manufactured by Ziyang Diesel Locomotive Works for Tanzania-Zambia Railways.The locomotive is a 977kW diesel-hydraulic locomotive with 80t adhesive weight, B-B wheel arrangement and 65Km/h top service speed. It is suitable for the shunting and transfer service on the TZR, or the similiar railway line.

    Locomotive car body is of all-welded steel structure with frame supporting and walking way outside. From the front to the rear, there are cooling room, engine room, driver's cab and rear machine room. In the engine room is installed a Cummins KTTA38-L high-speed diesel engine with 60V-angle, 12 cylinders, exhaust turbocharger, direct injection and four strokes.  Type ZJ4014GYC hydraulic transmission acts as the main transmission of the locomotive, which is arranged in the engine room together with engine. When locomotive in traction operation changes from forward to backward, such reverse can be carried out in running by moving the reversing handle. The operation is quick and reliable, especially suitable for shunting operation.  With changeover mechanism available in transmission, it is possible to put the locomotive in either shunting operation or transfer operation through the changeover handle, providing the locomotive with wider speed range.JZ-6 air-vacuum brake equipment is adopted for the locomotive brake system. It can control the train equipped with either air brake system or vacuum brake system.

    In electrical control system, Mitsubishi Series FX2 PLC made in Japan is designed to be the core of control circuit. PLC has been proved to be very reliable after years' service experience.The locomotive is provided with locomotive over-speed protection, engine over-speed protection and dead-man device is also provided.

Main Technical Data of Locomotive

Application Shunting/transfer service
Operation conditions Ambient temperature: 0+45Altitude: 01800mRelative humidity: 70%
Gauge 1067mm
Clearance limit As per "TZR Locomotive and Rolling Stock Clearance"
Locomotive installed power 977kW (under conditions with ambient temperature not exceeding 25, 100kPa atmospheric pressure and relative humidity not more than 30% )
Wheel arrangement B-B
Wheel diameter (new) 915mm
Calculated weight in service order 803% t
Axle load 203% t
Min. negotiable curve radius 80m (at a speed under 5km/h)
Main transmission Hydraulic
Braking manner Air-vacuum brake
Coupler Top-operated coupler for diesel and electric locomotives as per TB1594-85
Fuel tank capacity 2500 (21250)L
Oil capacity 140L
Cooling water capacity 600kg
Sand capacity 600kg
Working fluid capacity of hydraulic transmission 400kg
Oil capacity of axle gear box 80kg
Height of coupler center line above rail top 89510mm
Distance between coupler centers 14900mm
Tractive effort at starting In shunting service 259kN
In transfer service 231kN
Continuous tractive effort In shunting service 214kN
In transfer service 163kN
Maximum speed In shunting service 30km/h
In transfer service 65km/h
Continuous speed In shunting service 11km/h
In transfer service 12km/h
Max. overall dimensions 1490031004100 (LWH) mm

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