Type CK5 Diesel Locomotive

    Type CK5 diesel locomotive is a meter-gauge diesel-hydraulic shunting locomotive developed and manufactured by Ziyang Locomotive Works for Thailand and other countries in southeast Asia.

    The locomotive is composed of five parts: a brake room, a drivers cab, a transmission compartment , an engine compartment and a cooling chamber. The service power is 515kW and the service weight is 60t. In the locomotive a Cummins KT38-L diesel engine made in the United States, a ZJ2007Y hydraulic transmission developed and manufactured by Ziyang Locomotive Works, two sets of two-axle bogie are quipped. With walking way outside, the locomotive has a fuel tank under the center of the main frame and battery sets by the both sides of the main frame. It is equipped with Wabco 27LA air brake made in the United States and Knorr vv450/150-3 air compressor made in Germany, which can brake locomotive separately or brake locomotive and trains simultaneously.

    With the technology of hydraulic changeover, the locomotive can change its running direction without stop. The robust power transmission equipment and bogies can meet the needs of heavy-load traction at low speed. The advanced automatic monitoring system can give alarms and stop the locomotive automatically when any abnormality occurs. The locomotive is characterized by advanced technology, good performance, reliable service and good economy.

Main Technical Data of Locomotive

Application shunting
Service power 515kW
Mode of transmission hydraulic
Reversing hydraulic
Gauge 1000mm
Axle load 15t
Axle arrangement B-B
Weight in working order 60t
Max. operating speed 36km/h
Continuous speed 8km/h
Starting tractive force 176kN
Continuous tractive force 130kN
Overall dimensions 1365028003653mm

With certain modification, the locomotive can meet the following requipments:
   1 Gauge: 1435mm;
   2 Main part such as diesel engine, hydraulic transmission etc, can be changed into those types which users need;
   3 Axle load: 15-20t;
   4 Max.speed: 20-40km/h;
   5 Radius of curvature: R70m;
   6 Operating temperature:-40桫+40;
   7 Double-heading operation device can be equipped.


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