Type 16V280ZJA Diesel Engine


   Type 16V280ZJA engine is a Vee-formation, air intercooled and four-stroke diesel engine with 16 cylinders, direct injection and exhaust turbocharged. In the engine such durable and reliable parts are employed as integral-casted engine block, CGF pressed steel crankshaft, aluminum alloy bearing bush with steel back, steel alloy integral die-forged connecting rod, piston with steel top and aluminum skirt, wet cylinder liner, individual injection pump, closed-type injector and stepless speed governor with constant speed and constant power control.

    Featuring good operation performance and easy maintenance, this engine can be used as a power unit for locomotives, ships, power stations or other applications.

Main Technical Data of Engine

Type 16V280ZJA
Cylinder bore 280mm
Piston stroke 285mm
Rated speed 1000r/min
Min. idle speed 400r/min
Rated power 3860kW
Service power 3680kW
Fuel consumption at rated power 208-215g/kW.h
Oil consumption 2.04g/kW.h
Rotating direction of crankshaft clockwise in face of power output end
Overall dimensions(LWH) 497117252895mm
Weight 24500kg


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