Type 16V240ZJC Diesel Engine

    Type 16V240ZJC engine is a Vee-formation, 16-cylinder, direct injection, exhaust turbocharged, air intercooled and four-stroke diesel engine, in which durable and reliable parts are employed, such as cast-weld engine block, CGF pressed steel crankshaft, aluminum alloy bearing with steel back or lead alloy bearing with three layers, G(or S)-connecting rod, wet cylinder liner, piston with steel top and aluminum skirt, cylinder head with double bottom decks, individual injection pump, closed-type injector and stepless speed governor with constant speed and constant power control.

    Featuring good operation performance and easy maintenance, this engine can be used as a power unit for locomotives, ships, power stations or other applications.

Main Technical Data of Engine

Rated power 2940kW
Rated speed 1000r/min
Min. idle speed 430r/min
Specific fuel consumption 208+55g/kW.h
Overall dimensions 578117903085mm
Net weight 23230kg

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