Type 16V240ZJB Diesel Engine

    Type 16V240ZJB engine is a V-type, 16 cylinders, direct injection, exhaust turbocharged, air intercooled, four-stroke diesel engine, in which durable and reliable parts are installed, such as casting-welding structure or nodular graphite cast iron engine body, continuous grain flow pressed steel crankshaft, steel-backed aluminium alloy bearing shell or copper and lead alloy bearing shell with three layers, parallel connecting rods, cylinder liner with water jacket, steel top and aluminum skirt piston, cylinder head with double bottom decks, individual injection pump closed-type fuel injector and stepless governor for constant speed and constant power.

    With good operation performance and easy maintenance, this engine can be used as a power unit for different locomotive and can also be used for ships, power stations and other applications.

Main Technical Data of Engine

Rated power 2650kW
Rated speed 1000r/min
Min. idle speed 430r/min
No. of cylinders&formation 16-cylinder, V-type with 50 included angle
Bore of cylinder 240mm
Stroke of piston 275mm
Charging manner Exhaust turbocharged, intercooled
Specific fuel consumption 210+7g/kW.h
Overall dimensions 502017902990mm
Net weight 22685kg

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