1000KW Diesel Generating Set

1000GF-K diesel generating set consists of one 1100kw diesel engine and one 1250/1000 alternator. 1000GF-K diesel generating set is stationary three-phase alternating generating set. It is designed according to IEC, ISO and relevant China national standards (GB), used for substitution of power wherever is a electricity shortage, the diesel generating set can bear 10% overload within one hour.
Operation can be carried out with single set or multiple sets in parallel. The ordinary power station or semi-automatic power station can be supplied according the detailed requirements. The generating set adopts IFC6 series brushless synchronous alternator made with the license of Siemens Company of Germany, it is characterized by brushless excitation, non-salient pole, F-pole insulation and full damping structure etc. The international popular technologies are adopted, the semi-automatic control screen is adopted, the control system adopts PLC technology and the comprehensive control system from WOODWARD, can realize the function of equal load assignment during the operation of the generating sets in parallel.
The power of thee diesel generating set is 6240ZJ diesel engine with one tunnel-style alloy casting iron engine block, one CGF crankshaft of 420CrMoA alloy steel, die forged connecting rods of 42CrMo alloy steel, and special aluminum alloy pistons with protruded oval central heads.
This diesel engine adopts the electronic governor of the high stability to regulate the rotational speed of the diesel engine, the speed can be adjusted in the range of 430-1000rpm. To ensure the safety and reliability, the following warning devices are equipped:
A. Over water temperature
B. Over lubrication oil temperature
C. Lower lubrication oil output pressure
D. The warning device for over-current

Main parameter of 1000GF-K diesel generating set

Rated power (KW) 1000 Normal frequency (Hz) 50
Rated speed (r/min) 1500 Rated voltage (V) 400/230
Rated current (A) 1804 Rated power factor 0.8 (lagged)
Phase Three-phase with four lines Excitation Brushless
Steady-state voltage regulation () 1.0 Transient voltage regulation () +20, -15
The voltage resumes time (S) 1.5 Steady-state frequency regulation () 5(0-5 is adjustable)
Transient frequency regulation () ܡ7 Steady time of frequency (S) 5

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